Multiple nav?

ifI want to have 3 menus, how do Ie the <nav>element to do so?
I want to have a menu in the header, sidebar, and footer.


You can have as many as you like. If you want to style them differently, you could give them separate classes, though that’s likely not to be necessary, as you could target them separately in various ways, such as:

header nav {}
aside nav {}
footer nav {}

or of course

.header nav {}
.sidebar nav {}
.footer nav {}

ok, then what is the purpose of the role=“” thing when /I can target them like
header nav {}

The role attributes (known as ARIA roles) are an accessibility feature (some of which won’t be needed when HTML5 is more widely supported). They are handy for now, as a screen reader won’t know that a <nav> is for navigation, so you can help them along with

<nav role=“navigation”>

The role attribute can also be used as a hook for styling, as you say, but it’s not really needed for that, as you can usually target elements by referencing their unique parents.