Multiple languages on-the-fly?

One way is to have different version (,, but I find this overwhelming to maintain.
Another way is to use a “lookup table” in a database populating variables on-the-fly.

The first need is to translate the menus and headlines. Not the text.

Is there any other ways to achieve this? Better or faster?

That’s essentially the approach I typically take but by keyword instead of word, and the table is structured to key by language/keyword. Doing it this way allows you to add languages without doing table changes.

lang   keyword          valuetext
eng    SitePointIsCool  SitePoint is Cool
es     SitePointIsCool  SitePoint es genial
de     SitePointIsCool  SitePoint ist cool
kr     SitePointIsCool  SitePoint는 멋지다
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Potentially usable:
Internationalization - Mozilla | MDN
(strictly speaking, the page is describing its use for browser extensions, but the functions are available to Javascript in general…)
It also references i18n.js as a library for usage.


I would not suggest to put translations in a database as it is hard to maintain.
The i18next solution with JSON files is what I prefer also. You can easily sent the files to translators if needed and even non developers can change the translations with a small editor.

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