Multiple image upload

Hello All,
i need a help here. I am working on image uploading and retrieving to and from the server.
I know how to upload one image to database but now i want user to give an option where he can upload three images at once.
My database table will be like : Username image1 image2 imge3.
i want to do something which enters the data as per username to all image fields.

Can anyone suggest me. i Already googled but not satisfied.:frowning:


<input type="file" name="images[]" multiple />

Should get multiple images uploaded. I would suggest NOT saving the images in user table as image1, image2 etc. Make another table that has the fields id auto increment, user_id and image, then do a foreach loop to and each image into that table.

Good lord, I hope you are not storing the actual images in the DB?

Ha ha, I should have said path to image in the other table.