Multiple Google Plus + Accounts?

I was looking into the Google Plus Author tag benefits for SEO and marketing, but the problem is that my company writes on some 10 different topics. I don’t want someone searching for tacos being pointed to an account that talks about tacos, fish tanks, and corvettes (as an example)

Do i just need to suck it up and create different email addresses and Google + accounts for each or is there some other way?

Im sure im not the only webmaster with this issue?

You could set up 127 different accounts, but it will still be the same you.

Wow brilliant. Is this the philosophy part of the forum?

To better define my question

We have 10-15 major sites and 80 or so minor sites that we run, we want to claim our articles, but not combine all genres.

The only way to do this is to create separate Google plus accounts correct?

No, those are the rules as laid out by Google; author rights are linked to a person.
Purely guesswork, of course, but I reckon they did this to reduce the chances of people creating numerous accounts in an attempt to use those accounts for bumping up their rankings in a way Google do not approve of. Essentially it is the same reason as why they killed the option of bumping your rankings by using blog farms, spam forums and so on.

Hey benbob… you’re not so bad afterall.

OK, that’s exactly what I was looking for. That stinks for me, but at least I have a solution. Big thanks.

You may not like the fact that you can’t use this trick for seo now, but look at the bright side. It also means that your real articles will count, whereas spinning software productions do not.
A lot of people moan that their little tricks don’t work (any more) but on the whole, Google’s updates swing the balance more and more towards sites with better quality content and away from tricksters.
The more blackhat promoted sites are pushed back into obscurity, the more valuable “real” sites become for the owners and users alike. That has to be good for all genuine webmasters/webdesigners in the long run.

It’s not tricks. These are separate businesses in different genres having nothing to do with each other. They simply share the same analytics account.

Conflicting example #1 guns and kids books. We write about guns on one site, and the other site we publish kids books. I don’t want an article on kids activities linking back to a google profile that has guns on it and vice versa. Thats one conflict of many.

Ill just have to create separate accounts if I plan to use the tag. Thats fine thank you.