Multiple Form "post" actions?

I’m want to post a contact form both to a lead aggregator and to my account by creating two “post” actions on the submit button.

I dont know where to start, can someone help me with a client side javascript solution for this?

If you need more info please ask and i’ll try to make it as clear as possible.

Thank you.

So you have one <form> element and when clicking submit you want it to be sent to 2 different locations for processing?

If I understood correctly then javascript would probably not be your solution, you would want to look into a server-side scripting language like php or asp etc.

The serverside script would receive the posted form data and then send it on to the 2 different sites you mentioned.

thanks for your suggestion . we’re building the site using in c#. can you offer a recommendation for a server side script for that then?

even though I’d really prefer it to be done client side, if it cant work im open to using a server script, but i’d need help writing that as well.

thank you

That is something that can’t be done client side - processing of forms is something that must be done on the server. The best that client side processing can do with a form is to tell some of the people filling out the form if they have made a mistake in what they entered.