Multiple featured posts with image, title and some content loaded and displayed in the front page

what are the methods or languages to use? when dealing with featured posts. displaying image, title and some content on the site or load featured posts by clicking a button

for example below.

other questions:
are there any method that you can ( or how to) get and load the articles from a external directory folder and load the content file to some part of the site? when it is clicked.

What code have you got so far?

@Gandalf i havent started it yet, just planning for now. i just want to know which language to use or something to start that is why i have posted it here in the community section. a code example should help or a tutorial article related how to create featured posts displaying them in the some section of the frontpage and by just clicking a button it loads more… in static page or dynamic page

It’s not a lot to go on. Virtually any backend language would do the job, and you would want a database. A popular choice would be PHP with a MySQL or Maria database, but it’s not the only option by any means.

What programming skills/knowledge do you have?

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It looks like you may be looking for “cards” and “material design”

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html5 css3 javascript and currently learning PHP

thanks for the advice i will look on to it :+1:

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