Multiple dynamically populated drop down selects?

I’m looking to add a ‘dynamic select’ form to my site.

Is there anything that gives the functionality of the following scenario; I have 3 drop down menus- make, model, year. I want the user to be able to select a make then the model drop down would populate with only models of that make, user selects a model and the years drop down would populate with only the years that that model were made? Any ideas?


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What you want can be done with AJAX. Try a search for it in this forum, or google for it.

If you’re using jQuery library you can use something like:

$('#make').change(function () {
    $('#model').load('getModels.php', {make: this.value});

Thanks guido. Can you suggest some terms I might search for? I’m not quite sure what exactly this functionality/process is called. I’m hoping for there to be a simple plugin/snippet I’d be able to use.

Hey I’ve got a friend who just moved to Christchurch (from Iowa, US). Small world.

Thanks for the info, but unfortunately my JS skills are null. Would you suspect it would take a skilled JS dev much time to assemble this functionality, if I had to end up contracting this out?

It wouldn’t take much time at all. The toughest part would be creating the database to contain all of the data.