Multiple CSS or just an inline?

I have built a portfolio website and have set up the initial CSS. While this works well for the index page, I would like to change the content width (lose the side nav and contact me boxes) for the resume and sample work pages. Would I be better off setting up a second CSS with only the content width changed or just setting an inline style to do this? Right now, when you look at the pages with just the one style sheet the page has too much white space to the right side (obviously where the nav and contact areas are!) I am not sure whether posting the URL would help but…
if you want to see what I mean and can offer a solution to a noob issue!:slight_smile:

Thanks for helping me learn my way through

Yo. Ok do this…

On each page give the body tag a different id <body id=“contact”> >> put all your css in the same external css and link to in the head of your doc >> in your css if you need different rules for different page you simply say #contact div {yada}. That’s the best way. No need to ponder on it anymore

That makes sense. Thanks, I will do it!

Yes I was just about to post the same as Eric :slight_smile:


.fullwidth #content{
background-repeat: repeat-x;

<body class="fullwidth">

I do have to say that this method was so much easier than anything I thought of. I am really beginning to see the power of CSS the more I use it. Now I just need to really learn how to USE it.
Thank you all for saving the day!! I might actually get this site looking half decent yet.