Multiple Adwords accounts?

If I create a additional Adwords accounts to take advantage of some Adwords vouchers, am I likely to get in trouble? Without wanting to be a cheapskate, I feel stupid paying 150USD for something I can get for 10% of that price.

Obviously G will see that the ads are pointing to a domain which is already advertised from another account.

This is for a very simple campaign (only spent 10USD so far) pointing to a tiny e-commerce site.

I don’t use AdWords, so I’m not sure what their TOS are, but I imagine they’d take a dim view of somebody using multiple accounts to avoid paying the proper fees. You may find further information here:

I found the “Double Serving” rules. Technically speaking, if I stop advertising on one account before starting it on the other account then I wouldn’t be double serving. It’s also a temporary campaign, encouraging people to leave their details to get notified about a product launch. Will run for 4 weeks max.

I admit it’s a bit scumbaggy …

Double-serving apart, there’s nothing to prevent a private person or a company from opening multiple accounts. In fact, it’s probably done quite often. For example, an advertising agency might run a separate account for each of its clients.

But you also need to check the terms and conditions of the specific AdWords voucher you wish to use. It probably stipulates that the voucher is only valid for new AdWords customers. So, on that basis, what you are suggesting wouldn’t be permitted.