Multilple htcs for IE?

PIE seems quite a nice way to bring IE up to speed on CSS3’s curves and drop shadows. It’s pretty simple with it use of IE’s behavior: url(;. what happens however if you had ise other HTCs to make up for IEs handy caps? in other words if you needed hover and already used behavior: url(; and before and after: behavior: url(; or whatever.
I there a way to apply multiple behaviors using DIFFERENT HTCs for one rule?

Interesting… I was always told not to mix HTCs because they will conflict/not work together. It would be nice if you don’t have to pick and choose which effect you want to use. (transparent pngs or special font, which is more important?)

I haven’t tried it myself but the documentation says use space separated list of urls.


#test {behavior:url( url(

More info here:

Yep – it can be done but there are issues.

On July 28, Template Monster put online an article entitled "70 Spectacular HTML5 Websites". At number 16 in that list is a site I made, [URL=“”]

Mouse over the link at far left, BEADS. It’s a big dropdown. For modern browsers it uses a translucent PNG and the rounded corner at bottom right is done with CSS3.

For IE7/8 the corner is done with PIE.

For IE6 I’ve also used an HTC to get the dropdown. But IE6 does not use the PNG. It uses a normal RGB background. Previously I added translucency to this background with the MS opacity filter. But when I added PIE, everything screwed up.

So – on the basis of my fiddling around – multiples HTCs are fine but there are times when they clash with MS filters.

Thanks Paul. I will experiment with that.