Multilevel Dropdown menu

Hey guys, I am working on the following menu below:

Can anyone help me to get another submenu level inside the submenu? I understand that I have to nest another list but I can’t get the javascript or css right to do this, I want to understand it properly so I would be greatful if someone would just amend my current source code. I want the “sub-submenus” to hide and show with the same methods that i have used for the submenus.
would be much appreciated :slight_smile:



I am not that experienced with javascript menus anymore (or I don’t want to)… I’d suggest try it with CSS only first. If you have to support older browsers as well, let them (and only them) do it with javascript. or with conditional comments - many menus on are done like that.

For modern browsers it is just playing around with :hover of the <li> items…

I’m aware of pure css menus but thanks anyway, its just one of those things that will keep bothering me unless I crack it.