Multilanguage site using smarty

How to create a multilanguage site using smarty?

Well the biggest problem here is really the language translation has nothing to do with Smarty. Taking Smarty out of the equation you first need to determine how your going store or create translations of said data.

can u show how it works?
just a simple tutorial
I can’t find the tutorial about multilanguage using smarty

You would replace the values of your assigned variables with the language translations. I don’t believe Smarty itself is capable of taking a page in one language and translating it to another language. You will need to do most of the work in regards to storing or creating the appropriate translations. Once you define a system to handle that swap out the variables being loaded into the Template. You may also need to factor out other data from the template to make it dynamic so that you can handle all language specific constructs dynamically. For example, if you hard coded the word Messages into the template as a heading you need to make it dynamic to apply a different language rule.