Multi topic vs single topic blog

I am creating a two projects for a client and i ran into a problem of him choosing between a multi-topic vs a single topic blog.

One of the projects is an affiliate review site that he plans on reviewing many different categories such as ecommerce, web hosting, email marketing, gadget reviews, etc. Would it be better to create a seperate blog for each? Or would it be better to have a single blog and review all of those above and add categories.

I appreciate any help that i can get on this.


It may depend upon the volume and frequency of blog entries.
If they are few and far between, an all-in-one blog may be better.
If there are many in all categories, that would justify separate topical blogs.

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He plans on reviewing most of the common names in each category. So, there is about 20 to 30 different companies in each category.

does he want to pay for 20-30 different websites?


Let me rephrase. For example, the client will do 20 to 30 web hosting reviews. Then 20 to 30 ecommerce platform reviews, and so on.

Now, he is not sure if he should devote one blog for web hosting and then a second blog for ecommerce platforms. Or if he wants to put everything on a single blog.

Sorry about the confusion.

Perhaps the answer is a compromise between the two? For example, one site for reviews of anything web-related (e-commerce systems, hosting services, etc), another for reviews of gadgets and hardware, one for gaming and so on. Group similar themes together.

In my opinion, I think it would be better if you create 1 blog and separate different topics into categories since the main idea of the blog is for reviewing stuff and I guess it safe to say that all of these topics you’ve mentioned are quite related… Unless of course he plans on reviewing other topics say movies, shoes, etc. then you may have to create another blog if that’s the case…:slight_smile:

Thank you for all of the suggestions.

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