Multi Store Framework?

Does anyone know of a good multi-store framework already out there? I want to be able to do somehting like WordPress Multi User … but for stores. Well, sort of. I want to be able to create multiple ecommerce websites that all feed off the same core product catalog. Sort of a hub and spoke pattern for segmenting the product catalog for different verticals of interest.

I looked at things like Magento and ZenCart but of course those are not build for this purpose.

Any thoughts? Or is this one of those roll-your-own situations as I suspect?

I thought Magento focused quite a bit on this issue. It has quite a learning curve, but may offer what you need.


Yes, Magento is a great framework and does provide some ability to create separate store fronts … but if I understand correctly, there is no skinning engine that goes along with this. Meaning, each store can’t be paired with it’s own skin. You’d have to inherit the skin/style of a parent site and then can only swap the logo from site to site.

Do you know any reasonable way around that? There are a couple little issues I see with using Magento this way - but that is far and away the biggest issue I’m getting stuck on.