Multi step form

Hi everyone,

I found the code at the following url for a multi-step form using jQuery:

It works well in most browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer. I’m looking for an alternative that does the same thing but that works in most versions of IE.

I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction?

Thanks so much in advance.

How early do you need the IE support to be? Keep in mind that the earlier you go such as to 7 or (god save us) 6, the harder solutions become and the worse they may look.

For example, you can easily get the multistep form to work well in IE8 by using jquery.placeholder.js to get the placeholder text to look good, along with the [URL=“”]IE7-js library to provide CSS compatibility for the display of the form.

It even seem to work in IE7, all but for a few alignment issues, for which some people in the CSS forum would be able to provide some useful tips to resolve them.

Thanks for the reply,

I would probably need it to work in at least IE7. Your suggestions for using jquery.placeholder.js along with the IE7-js library sounds really good. Do you know where I can find an example on the web so I can see what it would look like? Also, are there any instructions anywhere to put the code together. The instructions in the original link that I provided were quite good as it showed where to place the html, css and js.

I’m quite new to jQuery so I would need a bit of help.

Really appreciate the advice.

They’re shims or polyfills, so they’d don’t look like anything. The purpose of them is to fix older web browsers so that they can use more modern techniques.

Yes there are. The placeholder page that I linked you to gives a demo and examples, and the ie7-js one gives detailed instructions on how to use it too.

Ok I didn’t realise. I’ll read into a bit more. Thanks for your help.