Multi Site

Hi Guys,

I am after the following solution, does anyone know of any cart that can achieve this?

same domain name
one installation / database
shared checkout goods goods

I need to display different categories and products depending on which section your are in. But both share the same cart.

Can anyone possibly offer a solution?

Do you mean multiple catalogues, one cart/checkout, or is it really just one catalogue, with multiple categories?

One domain name, two dirs or subdomains.
One admin, in admin setup 2nd shop (like opencart, which is way to buggy to use)
Select which cats and products to show on each site
Select which info pages and blocks to show on each site
Customer can switch between the 2 sites during shopping then checkout on either, cart is shared.

It’s a little hard to understand the model you have.

Using 1 cart for multiple sites is easily done
(I can’t elaborate or I’ll get dinged for self promo)

But I wonder if you really want to follow the path
you’re discussing as I see the success trend following
the folks that separate their product lines to provide a
more laser focused site versus a “more items” site.

Again … it’s hard to understand the model so I might
be way off base here.

Magento will allow you to have multiple sites in one shopping cart.