Multi-purpose theme recommendation

So I’ve been looking into premium (paid) themes, and realized that it’s probably more convenient to invest in a single, more complex theme, go through the docs and learn how to use it - and then create all websites in the future based on that theme.

I’ve come across several themes that look promising, but of course there’s so many - therefore I am interested, if some of you guys have personal experience with any of the multi-purpose themes.

Been looking at these ones:

They all have great support apparently as well.

Thanks for the tips!

I’ve used Hyper-X theme recently and I can say that this one is probably the best option if choosing between these 3. And customization tool works cool as well, you can create any layout in a short time if you don’t like existent layouts.

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They have a free version as well, which I downloaded and will try out a bit… the only problem I have (and many others I guess) is the shock, when you launch the theme and it looks nothing like the demo from the sales page :smiley:

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