Multi-Cart Shopping Cart

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for shopping cart software that does the following:


  • Ability for anyone to register a cart of their own.
  • Each person gets their own backend where they upload products.
  • The products for each cart is combined (integrated) into the front end.


  • The shopping cart website owner gets an Admin backend from where he/she can manage everything.


  • Buyers can register and get their own backend. This simply needs to be the same as on any other shopping cart software.

Any suggestions?



Are you trying to create a system to provide people with their own turn-key online store, orders for which are fulfilled through one checkout by your business? If so, I’ve got a bunch more questions for you!

BTW, the cart is simply the bit of the ecommerce platform that lets a consumer collect products together to make an order. There’s lot more to it than that depending on the number/complexity of your products, templates, branding, customer management, marketing, fulfilment tracking, order processing, checkout requirements etc etc…

Unless you’re planning on building all of that, you need much more than just a “cart”. You need an ecommerce platform that is multi-store with an aggregated fulfilment admin.

Sounds to me like you are trying to white-label a pre-existing shopping cart.

The answer is YES, you can do that. You can even add your own logo and call it “Awesome Cart” for what I know and everyone of your customers would be selling using “Awesome Cart” even when the real software is from a third party company.

Good luck,

-Daniel O.
eCommerce Developer

Multi-tenant is fairly complicated and not in big demand (typically if you wanted to offer multi-tenant, you’d build it yourself). You should probably start by checking out Magento.

The other way to offer multi-tenant is to install an individual version of software for each customer. Or with a little bit of programming, you can configure it so that each merchant is linked to its own database.