MS SQL Keyword Not Supported

Can anyone help me with this query, I am trying to load a report accessing a MS SQL database.
Please help me, thanks in advance.

Keyword not supported: 'select (customerlist.lastname & ', ' & customerlist.firstname & ' ' + customerlist.middlename) as customername, salesorder.invoiceno,salesorder.barcode, salesorder.itemqty, salesorder.itemprice,products.description, (salesorder.itemqty * salesorder.itemprice) as totalpurchase from customerlist inner join salesorder on salesorder.customerid'.

your sql is really hard to read so i reformatted it for you –

select (customerlist.lastname [COLOR="#FF0000"]&[/COLOR] ', ' [COLOR="#FF0000"]&[/COLOR] 
        customerlist.firstname [COLOR="#FF0000"]&[/COLOR] ' ' [COLOR="#0000FF"]+[/COLOR] 
        customerlist.middlename) as customername
     , salesorder.invoiceno
     , salesorder.barcode
     , salesorder.itemqty
     , salesorder.itemprice
     , products.description
     , (salesorder.itemqty * salesorder.itemprice) as totalpurchase 
  from customerlist 
  join salesorder 
    on salesorder.customerid

there are two problems that i noticed

first, string concatenation in microsoft sql server uses the plus sign – the ampersand is used in microsoft access

second, your ON clause looks incomplete

I’m sorry, here is the correct query.

       (customerlist.lastname + ', ' + customerlist.firstname + ' ' +
       customerlist.middlename) AS customername,
       (salesorder.itemqty * salesorder.itemprice) AS totalpurchase
from customerlist
INNER JOIN salesorder
on salesorder.customerid=customerlist.customerid
INNER JOIN products
ON products.barcode=salesorder.barcode

And still, I am encountering the same problem.

your query now looks okay

when i did a quick search on “keyword not supported” i found a lot of different resourses, and also this –

could you please confirm all the software you are using?

as i said, your query looks okay, at least for sql server, so maybe you are using data warehouse?