Mozilla Developer Browser

You hear about this?

Bit of a teaser…

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Yeah, I saw that too (meant to post it here too as well, but got distracted). I’m very interested to see what comes of it.

Definitely will watch. I’m not convinced that any possible “developer browser” features would outweigh the use of the one I use otherwise… but I’m looking forward to reading about / trying… and of course watching the discussion that (hopefully) will take place on this forum about it!

I wish they gave you more of a preview as to what was actually INSIDE the browser. Kinda vague. I did sign up for their newsletter to let me know when it gets released (as a reminder.) I assume it will just have pre-built add-ons already inside the browser so you don’t need to fish for the complete setup in the add-on store.

I saw this the other day on HN. Looks pretty cool.

Chrome really needs some competition. MDN is pretty great and I’m sure they can pull off something awesome if they put effort into this and don’t release something like Firefox with a few plugins pre-installed.

Just found the article, I saw yesterday on this, it provides more detail


Nice article. This sounds intriguing:

Mozilla plans to integrate developer tools that are not ready for prime time yet in the browser.

After checking out the preview, I see nothing to get enthusiastic about. Any developer worth their salt already has a preferred development browser with all necessary tools. I’ll stick with my regular firefox and developer extensions unless something truly amazing comes of it.

My first impression was
“Chrome changes, big deal”

But if it’s going to allow for cutting edge beta testing I just might find the time to play with it, you never know if something really interesting will come along.

And the fact that it won’t interfere with my normal Firefox profile is a big plus. I probably wouldn’t try it if it did.


Just to clarify: Mozilla is just releasing this as an empty shell. Any developer tools for this browser will have to be provided by the community as free add-ons, such as FireBug. Mozilla is really excited to see what the community comes up with. </joke>

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