Moving website, but leaving the email system as it is

Am just about to transfer the registrar, registrant and hosting for a particular website (a, but have just noticed that the company access their emails through their outlook 2016 programmes (they also have the option of accessing their emails online if they are on the move, via ) I assume it’s some kind of exchange server type??

The company definitely only want me to be involved with the website side and to leave the email system exactly as it is, in every way. Is this possible please?

It will be a matter of keeping the MX records to what they are currently rather than changing them to the default for the new registrar.

Thanks Gandalf, that quick helpul post is appreciated. The current registrant isn’t particular forthcoming/helpful with information - is there any way that I can find out myself what the current MX records are please?

Try this. I think it should do what you want:

  $host = 'whatever'; // no http, no www
  $dns  = dns_get_record($host);
  echo '<h1>DNS records for ', $host, '</h1>', "\n";
  foreach ( $dns as $key1 => $record ) {
    echo '<p># ', $key1, '<br>', "\n";
    foreach ( $record as $key2 => $entry )
      echo $key2, ': ', $entry, '<br>', "\n";
    echo '</p>', "\n";

Edit: You might also want to check with

Thanks Gandalf, where do I put that code please?

Create a separate new .php file which you need to run on your server (assuming it supports PHP). It’s a standalone script.

Hi Gandalf, I’ve done that, and it’s showing some details on a page. In the context of the question in this thread, what do I need from those details please?

You’ll want the details for the MX records (type: MX), so you can set them up to be the same with your new registrar.

There were 6 results on the page, but only one of them mentioned MX :


host: (website deleted)

class: IN

ttl: 299

type: MX

pri: 0

target: (website deleted)

Well, that’s the information you need, although I am surprised there is only 1 MX record.

I would check with / what their requirements are just to be sure.

Thanks, but can’t seem to find any email addresses for or

This looks like it should give the answers you need

That does look pretty good for this. Is 365 appropriate for this?

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