Moving Site from Wordpress to Joomla: Recommendations?

I am moving my site from a blogging platform to a CMS platform, and am nervous about being labelled by google as being an unstable site. This will be the second time I have switched softwares, and I also moved my site from one domain to another about six months ago (there are good reasons for all the moving, which I won’t go into here).

My two questions are:

-Does google penalize sites that change several times like this?

-If I do the correct redirects for all my content will I still have a problems with google?

If the content remains largely the same, and all the old URLs continue to work, you should not see any significant or long-term dip in rankings.

Echoing Stevie D’s points, there are plenty of websites that change their formats regularly and given that this is all within a six month time period I seriously doubt Google will care too much. All I can say is try to keep a similar content structure and take all precautions for your users, and Google will be fine with it.

Google will not penalize you if you are careful. In fact, you can end up with better Google rankings IF you make improvements to the keywords and meta tags. Make sure that the meta tags are unique to each page instead of using a single overall site meta tag. Do watch your error logs and take care of any issues pronto. Use 301 redirects where feasible. Be sure to generate a new sitemap after the changes and provide it to the major search engines including: google, yahoo, and msn. Adding new content to your site is always a good move so write some articles to acquire new backlinks and SEO indexing. CMS systems offer lots of flexibility so enjoy it!

Meta tags have nothing to do with rank.

A belated thank you to everyone for your help with my question. I was able to move my site successfully with no problems!