Moving one site content to another site


I am moving one dating site to a another site with same content. I follow the right way to do that by using htaccess to redirect all folders from the old site to a new domain.

Since mine is dating site, I have one question.

Do I have to delete the database from the old site?

Can Google find the database with profiles from the old site to be duplicated with the new site?

Thanks very much.

Since they have the same content, I bet you’ll be having problem…

Since you are already using a htaccess to “redirect” visitors to your new site, I do not see the need of keeping the database in the old site, it would logically make sense to remove all the content from the old site, keep the htaccess in place and then drop the site completely once the search engines have replaced the indexing.

Move the entire old site to new one, Just do a redirection to new site from the old.