Moving from vbulletin to jcow

I have internet forum with vbulletin software , I want to move to jcow .
How can I convert vb file into jcow file ? No converter yet ? I want to move the forum,message , pm and profile name . Any suggestion guys ?


I haven’t found any websites that talk about this. My :twocents: would be to ask in Jcow Forums

i love jcow platform , but the support and communty support sucks …

Oh that is a shame. I have no experiences with it. If I needed to move it, I would look at the two databases and see what the various tables are and compare them, then migrate them. You will need to know MySQL to do this.

I would ask the question - if the support is so bad, why would anyone want to use Jcow?

PS - @ableclark, fluff posts are frowned upon. Reported. :rolleyes:

Jcow is social networking script where as vbulletin is forum script, vbulletin is far away better then jcow. Just my opinion.

Especially considering the price. When I have to pay for something, I expect decent support.

I’m sort of in the market for social networking site software too (I was recently asked to set something up for a customer). I did a few searches on open source versions, but it’s tough to find reviews. And most of the popular ones are a bit pricier than the client wants to spend.

Probably someone want to donate some money to “charity” :smiley:

so where’s your mysql related question in this thread?

vb ? only good for discussion not social networking IMHO

check my pm

I NEED A CONVERTER :stuck_out_tongue: