Moving from Flash (AS3) to Flex (Flashbuilder) and profiting

Hey all,
This may not be in the right place but I thought it was a good place to start asking.

I’m sure a lot of you have had this consideration - currently I’m a web designer and I do little if any actionscript work - however, when I do I have no problems with it whatsoever - a bit of trusty google to help clear the cobwebs and I’m creating a high quality application here and there (the oftenness is usually once every few months i get let loose on AS3 instead of HTML/CSS).

The question I’m posing is how people go about getting into flex development from this standpoint - personally I’ve done web design for a long time and am now looking to spread my wings, take a risk and dive into flex development (as its also an extremely lucrative business and I’m pretty damn handy with AS3). But the thoughts involved are:

  • How do you get into it over and above learning it yourself (which obviously I am doing - but a few tutorials isn’t going to be a secure bet)
  • How do you go about getting a portfolio of work when you barely use flex apart from tutorials
  • What would be the way to get the edge in getting contracts
  • What needs to be learnt
  • How much migration from AS3 to MXML is involved? From what I’ve seen, AS3 massively takes a backseat as MXML is so much simpler and generates a lot of it itself?

Hopefully a few of you have juggled with this so any thoughts would be welcome :slight_smile:

  • join the flexcoders mailing list
  • make the effort to create your own flex apps that cover a range of areas
  • flex work is often enterprise level stuff so learn the processes and techniques used by these sort of teams, and have awareness of backend solutions typically used with flex