Moved site, home button glitch


I moved my wordpress site
if you rollover home button you’ll see it still goes to old site.

Any ideas why or what I could do to fix it?

It worked!!! THANK YOU!


it says it’s 978 of them did you change all of them?

I’ve moved a wordpress site last week, and checking the database export file I noticed that the site url is often saved in the database. I replaced it with the new one using my text editor before doing the import.

I had about 15-20. And yes, I changed them all. Make a copy of the original export before you do any changing. Better be safe than sorry :wink:

I’m going to go check that right now thank you! I am looking and thought it might have something to do with get_bloginfo(‘url’). But I have no Idea. Thanks again, be right back.