Move to VPS, Trafic drop 90% on 3 websites?

Is it really moving to another hosting package (IP and NS change) can cause traffic drop as google deindex and reindex SERP?
I have 3 websites under 1 shared account, as 2 of websites received high traffic in the last 3 months, i moved to VPS plan. After successfully moved, all my site’s traffic under that account dropped almost 90% percent.
How to recover from this situation? Any experience please?

Thank you seriocomic i already check GWMT too. Everything is ok for me nothing was wrong, I just wait to see this back to normal.

If you are in Google Webmaster Tools (and you should) look at the crawl stats graph to see any spikes or signals that Google is staying away from your site.

GWMT will also give you other insights that might help.

Thank you Seriocomic, i lost almost all organic traffic and before traffic dropped all sites received more than 90% from organic traffic, however i still received traffic from google image search. This is my 12th day i hope will recover soon, again thank you for your information.

Significant changes like this could mean that Google are reassessing your site.

If you’ve made no other changes (like domains, urls etc), then this should come back pretty quickly.

Use your analytics to find the type of traffic that has seen the decrease - organic search, referrer, direct etc…