Move layout of page higher on the screen

See my red color logo at top of my page here: PAGE and that black border above it . . . how to move border further up so it fits screen? I.e. so that blank area does not appear?

You have a body .site { margin-top: 3.42857rem; } set in your twenty-twelve child theme css. Change it to body .site { margin-top: 0; } and see what happens.

Let’s see, I log into my WP-Admin, then I go to APPEARANCE> and then do I choose EDIT CSS or choose EDITOR?

@WebMachine is referring to your child theme’s style.css which you could edit as a file or through the Editor in the WP Admin as you’re suggesting. For reference, this is the DOM element and CSS selector they’re talking about on the page:

Depiction for DOM and CSS element

(I’d upload the image inline which has annotations but…I’m a new user c’est le vie)

Using the WP Editor, you should be able to alter this line as depicted here (be sure you edit your active twenty twelve child theme stylesheet):

WP Editor direction

Hope it helps! :+1:

This helps CC! See my screenshot I did in Photoshop and I want to be certain I am doing the right thing…I will change it to “margin-top 0;” and will do it after I am certain. I actually have a “custom theme” for my and when in my wp-admin, I don’t see the “margin-top” in anything else, just the twenty twelve style sheet…right? I just don’t want to mess something up…

Just save a copy somewhere so you have a backup in case something does get funky.

Your depiction looks right. It’ll either work or nothing will happen. If nothing happens:

  1. Be sure you clear any cache you might have setup in Wordpress (like a cache plugin you may have installed)
  2. Clear your browser cache
  3. Double check your actual active theme is indeed the one you have selected (Twenty Twelve)

thank you for your wonderful assistance…see the page now. I assume this can be done with bottom margin to get rid of that gap also? And yes, I saved an original copy of my “twenty twelve: stylesheet” before making this change. I did it in Notepad and have it in a designated folder. I appreciate all who have given me input…SP is great.

…and btw I use W3TotalCache - I notice when I do certain changes I ALWAYS need to go to PERFORMANCE>DASHBOARD>empty all caches (seems to be necessary every time!)

Glad you were able to sort out your problem.

Thanks WebMachine…you guys are great…I offer web designers a daily auto-updating web cartoon btw…I don’t want to promote it outright on here (spam consideration) but if you’re interested in knowing more, I could fill you in by PM…a simple line of code is all that’s needed…same image appearing on my index page I showed previously.

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