Mouse Scrolling no-longer works in on firefox

After it was last updated to Version 1.15., mouse scrolling only works in Chrome.

You can see some of the stuff that was done here.

Big update. Change core of the editor.

  • Improved TypeScript autocomplete
  • Improved ‘Format’ code
  • Improved editor scrollbar.
  • Fixed many bugs.
  • Added preview color in CSS
  • and others…

Would anyone on here be able to provide info on how that would be fixed so that mouse scrolling would work on firefox also?

You can drag with the mouse, but scrolling with the wheel doesn’t work in firefox, only Chrome.

You have two options:

  • Wait patiently for the problem to be fixed
  • Use a different web browser other than Firefox
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Playcode recommends using Chrome instead.

I’ll use a different one and wait till the kinks are resolved.

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