Mouse scroll suddenly stopped working in chrome on windows

Hi, this problem has been driving me insane all day…
Upon doing some very basic CSS changes, I now find oddly the mouse scroll on windows chrome no longer works!?
Its a WP site, I’ve done all the obvious to check for plugin conflicts, but yet it persists. I don’t know if its JS issue or something else.

could someone kindly shed some light on this and point me to what is going wrong, I’ve tried pretty much all WP troubleshooting to no avail.


It scrolled just fine for me here…
…That is up until the point that I enabled javascript, then it stopped working.

So whatever you are doing to scroll with js, stop it.


Thanks so much, I thought it was javascript. Could you possibly elaborate further for me as I just can’t nail down where the issue is? It was fine until I made some very minor css changes to the header, and all of a sudden…no scroll!

Thanks so much for responding so fast.

Im very much still learning, as you may have guessed! :wink:

I don’t know, javascript isn’t my thing.
I could move it to that forum.
Though I’m confused about how altering the css would cause the js issue.

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Yes me too, very confused indeed. If you could move that would be fantastic.

The document weight is huge:

2 Documents 187 KB
60 Images 1639 KB
55 Scripts 1748 KB
43 Style Sheets 1435 KB
160 Files 5009 KB 5009 KB

55 javascripts and 43 CSS request is a bit excessive, it’s possible Chrome is sucking up your computers memory or some poorly written javascript?

I suggest disabling all javascripts then add them back one by one to see which one causes the slowdown.


Hi there, thanks for that. Definitely not a memory/ram issue. I’d find it astonishing for it to suck up all 32gb. The thing is, it was working just fine before I made the CSS changes to the header. Then I find this issue when I returned to my desk this morning. I just cannot work out how these alterations would result in this issue. Yes, this is excessive and am working to reduce said requests. There have been no changes to JS files at all in anyway, so this is a mystery as I said it wasn’t presenting this problem yesterday. I’ll try disabling them and see if i can find the offending script.

Thanks again.

found it…the offending file is from essential grid plugin, specifically, jquery.themepunch.essential.js

Any clues to what the offending line is?

thanks in advance! :grinning:

What indication narrowed it down to that file?

now you say that it may not prove it was said file, but disabling it restores scrolling.

the odd thing is, disabling the plugin doesn’t fix it, but disabling that file whilst the plugin is still active does

Is the file a dependency for the plugin?

Yes, it is

Check the website thoroughly. You may not need it. It might be for a service your website is not using.

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It runs the 2 right tiles, above the fold on the homepage, its a critical part of the site.

Looks like this is a question for the jquery forum.

If you can nail it down to a themepunch related file it may be worth dropping the developers a support ticket, they may have encountered a similar issue before.

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Yes, I have been going through their support section looking for similar requests, nothing. But, I have just found on the themes support page…

Turns out 8 hours ago, the theme developer has said that it is a Chrome compatibility issue with all of their themes. Updating inbound. You have no idea how much I’m screwing right now, I’ve spent the entire day on this issue, I even checked this very page this morning and there were no replies for the dev. Seems she had replied since.

Guys, you’ve all been, so so helpful. I thank you all for entertaining my amateur questions!
I guess my work i did last night and the timing of the issue was just coincidence!..a very annoying one at that.

Thanks again, you’re all Gentlemen!


I’m glad you found the issue, at least you now know, and hopefully you have a way forward for a fix.

And spending entire days and an annoying issue - hell we’ve all been there more than once!

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