Motivation....Who Else is Working Today Being Sunday?

I guess it is one of those weeks, I have two projects that need to be out for Monday, which has put me at an empty office drinking energy drinks staring at code on a sunday.

Is anyone else hard at work right now?

I work seven days a week… just not all day. I know how it feels like to be on a deadline.:wink:

i enjoy my job but im not loyal my company.

It is holiday today. But I still have to work. I think I’m not working just for money, but the responsibility for the job. Since I have to do it, I must do it well.

I work pretty much every day of the week… I’m not a workaholic, I just enjoy my job :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually looking forward to my first Sunday off in a long time. Today was business as usual. I just finished some last things. It’s 1 am my time and tomorrow or better in about six hours is a start of yet another working day :frowning:

I don’t work :slight_smile:

I started this Web Design thing as just a general interest, it spawned into a burning passion, and now some people seem to want to pay me to do what I love! It’s pretty amazing really, people paying other people for that person to be happy and enjoy their life.

Deary me, what a wonderful World! :smiley:

Andrew Cooper

Working hard will not be the word I’d use… after all, I’m here… but I’m working :wink:

Sunday is a fine day to work, after I get home from church.
And my philosophy:
MONDAY! The first day of the Weekend!!