Most Popular Search Engines by Country

Does anyone know where I can find a list that shows the most used search engine for each of the 50 biggest countries of the world?

google is #1 for all countries
check alexa just to make sure

Alexa is a good tool to know in this case.
After putting 1 website from one country, you will find that Alexa offers you a view to top 50 websites of that country and very often you will see the search engines on the top of it.

no doubt seo’s now a days only focus google only, but yes alexa is the only method i know to get top sites by country
i would look forward to know more methods

Actually, it’s not true that Google is the top search engine in most countries - at least, not

According to Alexa, in most countries, the local version of Google outranks (examples:, But in a few cases, ranks top, even where a local version exists (examples I noticed were Georgia and Serbia). In some countries, Yahoo is higher than Google (example: Hong Kong). In others, a local search engine is highest (e.g. Seznam in the Czech Republic).

Of course, the main point is that Google - in one form or another - is by far the most dominant search engine world-wide. But if you were targeting a particular country, don’t assume that is the most important.


do you know why is ranked higher than in France?
because by default when if you live in France and search , the results comes out from
and the same goes for other countries.

Yes, that’s true in most countries. When you download Firefox, for example, you can choose which country’s version you want, and that version defaults to the Google site for that country. With Chrome (for Windows), it defaults to the country specified in your regional settings (at least, it did when I installed it a couple of years ago).

Of course, when I said that outranks in France, that’s based purely on the Alexa figures. These aren’t necessarily representative.


Google has this no-country-redirect which you can use so that won’t redirect to the country’s version of Google. About Google being the top, well… I agree that Google is the most dominant search engine in the world, but that doesn’t mean that they’re number one in all of the countries. Mike here has already mentioned some countries where the local search engines rule.

google is the most popular search engine all over the world.

Google China ranks as the number 2 search engine in the People’s Republic of China

  • wikipedia

Google’s market share was only 16.7%

The world’s largest country has to count for something, right?

I’m afraid not according to wikipedia china’s GDP is $5,184 ranked 91 worldwide
while the US GDP is $48,147 ranked 15 worldwide
GDP=gross domestic product per capita

Gross domestic product per capita is surely not the best way to measure the size of a country. Population or area - or total gross domestic product - would all be better. Any measure per capita would tend to favour small countries at the expense of very large ones like China.


GDP measures the wealth of the average person living in that country which says alot to advertisers.
sometimes I sell directly to advertisers and all of them are intrested in US, UK, AU and western european countries and not china .
one of the sites I own get most of it’s traffic from china but make very little money because advertisers are not intrested in chinese traffic

Ah, so you’re not saying that China is not the world’s largest country. But, rather, your’e questioning the statement that it “counts for something” in this context.

Fair enough.


Great points… and really a discussion we should have more of here…

China is the world’s biggest country in population. That’s what I assumed we were measuring in the context of this thread but we can certainly look at other metrics, good call.

China has 513 million people online. That’s more than the online population of the the #2 internet user, the US (225mm). -USA Today

GDP measures the world on a single scale without accounting for how a local market acts.

In china middle class earn over anywhere from $5,900 - $9,000 US a year depending on the source, the so-called urban elites earn over $12,500.

The US standard for poverty is $22,350.

Projections on the size of the middle class market vary wildly from 100 million to 247 million.

But the same time the concept of costs are relative to the market price.

…it should be noted that disposable income stretches farther in China, on average, than it does in the United States or Europe. A significant portion of household budgets are expended on services, ranging from hair salons to meal at restaurants to travel. Services are usually labor-intensive tasks whose cost is attuned, in part, to the prevailing wage. In China, due to the vast supply of labor, wages are significantly lower than in the West.

Or perhaps from another country’s perspective

Compare housing prices in London to Beijing. Although London is not 6 times as high [GPD in the UK is 6x as high], a survey conducted in 2007 showed that London house prices are 12 times the per capita income [of China]; in a good area it could even be 16 times the per capita income!

I remember getting into long discussions with our Chinese marketing director a couple years back. I refused to believe the quotes for service she was getting were accurate or would product the right level of results. I didn’t understand the market or customer. I had the privilege of spending months learning about both – now I know how little I know about it.

As a result China can still drive huge sales.

Over 60% of Nike’s 2010 earnings came from emerging markets, most of it in Asia - forbes

By the end of 2009, more than 80% of the top luxury brands had entered the Chinese market.

On a strict dollar to dollar basis there shouldn’t be any knockoff Apple stores in China as at their income level there shouldn’t be any need for Apple products but if you’ve ever done business in China you know that people will literally skip meals to get certain products. The perception of value, luxury, brands all changes dramatically when labor is nearly free.

Clearly China is not #1 in buying “disposable goods”.

Asia’s leading independent brokerage and investment group, forecasts demand for luxury goods and travel from Greater Chinese to account for 44% of global sales by 2020, up from 15% today (2011) - CLSA

China is the biggest in size, not in value

The original question was what engines are most used in the top 50 and on the basis of population (my original comment), internet population and soon in middle class population, China is at the top of ladder. In other categories that have significant bearing as well, it is not #1, at least not today.

As for the importance or value of that, well, as you said, if you can’t make a profit, who cares… but what you can profit from is not the same as what I can and vise-verse.

Just as much of China’s disposable income goes to local brands I suspect most sites that thrive in China for now will be local for the same dynamic… there’s not enough return for someone in the west to make China-level profits unless you simply have Google-size scale.

Excellent post, Ted; very interesting information.


Thank you Mike. Emerging markets are something I struggle to give enough attention too but given the population here at SitePoint I’m very interested in seeing what is contributed on this subject.

[ot]We’re seeing a shift in wealth from the West to the East, at this former president of the world bank said -

Looks like we have to prepare for this, and adapt to this.

There was a time when the US had a strong economy, this wealth diffused out to Northern Europe and up until a couple of years we’re now seeing these high-end property prices and cost of living in Eastern Europe. There is an obvious shift of wealth in the world. Just it illustrate, 20-years ago you could buy where I live for 10k, the same land (today’s value) is over 2-million as a result of this economic boom and shift of wealth. Eventually the banks make loans so attractive that people end up putting their property under loans leaving all their wealth in the hands of the few and inflating property prices as a byproduct. I feel that Asia will go under this economic boom equalizing the world’s wealth until all countries are normalized into a single economy.

Prior to such economic booms and perceived wealth, people owned more in terms of property. After these booms people ended up owning less property (mostly now under mortgage to the banks) and more material possessions (e.g. iPhones, iPods etc.) which go under the pre-determined obsolescence category. Giving the impression of wealth and economic boom.

Back to the OT.

China has a different major search engine to the remaining world -

Most countries have a redirect on their search engine, even though we can turn it off, many have no clue, so they leave this redirect on. For instance here when I type it redirects me to

As for the original question. It would take a little leg work.

Go here - and click on the top 50 countries. The top 50-countries could be found here,

I hope this helps.

Try this: It has a demographic filter which allows you to see not only the top search engines per country, but by a lot of other criteria as well.

Thank you all. I’ve tried visiting the sites which you have all recommended. I also did not have any idea about the topic. It’s been a huge help. :slight_smile: