Most popular people on MySpace?

Anyone know how to find (if it can be found) the most popular people on MySpace?

Start with Tom and Tila Tequila and work your way out. Also look for generic fake profiles like god or superman.

Other than that, there’s really no easy way. Myspace sucks for searching on anything more than a name/email address.

It’s kind of amazing to me that someone doesn’t post a list, if not MySpace themselves. I remember that Hot or Not didn’t have a top 10 list, but there were sites that would publish one anyway every month.

Also look at Bobbi billard.

Actually… Check out Forbidden… She was one of the main myspace people. I’m pretty sure there’s actually someone with more friends than Tom too… Can’t rememeber where i saw it though.

i look for signs of an active profile, comments rotate out fast, blogs and pictures get heavily commented and then add the top friends of those active profiles as well as their commentors. then you can expect your comments to be read. or smaller profiles because those are the ones who still see their bulletins on the home page, i think its after 1000 friends that they have to then click into the bulletins seperately. both have their advantages…i just try not to add profiles full of ads and one pic, or those that have other signs of a fake profile.

Ohh, I wasn’t interested in adding them for any reason. I barely have a myspace account. I was just interested in knowing who they were. I just heard about Tila Tequila, and it sparked curiosity.

The Most Popular People on MySpace can be found at listed under “Skyrocket 100

cannot say ask myspace support.

It is not an easy task because most of them are fake profiles.

^ Lol yeah. I stumbled across Satan’s profile once.

Musicboxv2 is very poor software, many bugs, there are free solutions that are better

the most popular profiles in myspace are usually fake profiles.

What about Oliva Munn? She real, more or less.

Alternatively you can find some of the popular people in facebook especially those linked with linkedin and other reliable networking website.

Who’s Oliva Munn?

why would this fact even interest you? from my experience Tom spams me with his messeges pretty often.Watch him out

American actress, model, and television personality.

She’s that babe on G4’s Attck of the Show. Jeez you need to spend less time on the keyboard and more watch TV>

alot of fake celebrity profiles on myspace i saw someone offering $20 a month update a myspace celebrity page with pics and stuff