Most Liked Hosting Company [Poll]

I thought I would do everyone a favor who is looking to figure out which hosting company has the best reputation from members on SitePoint. I figure no one wants to know the worst… well I’m sure someone does but hey that isn’t this thread ;).

If you do vote and you do happen to get all the way down and read this, please give a 1 sentence or a bit about why you chose who you did. This will help everyone out in a big way, plus if they wanna know the rants they can just go through the other threads.

Thanks to everyone who votes and helps all of us get a better idea of who’s got the best reputation

Note: Why isn’t there someone on the list that you wanted to pick? Because I can only allow 34 options. In the case you can’t find who you want, just reply to the thread. Also, all the sites which were chosen were based on the amount of thread views and replies here on SitePoint. Lastly, you can select multiple hosts, because I’m sure there’s a few people who don’t just have one favorite.