More details about microdata


For those that don’t know, you can read more about microdata on wikipedia.
What I know (correct me if I’m wrong)

<div id="contactDetails" itemprop="contactPoint" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="">
	<p itemprop="name">George</p>

This means that the itemprop “name” is part of the property “contactPoint”, of type “Person”
Now, for those that do know more, can you explain how the structure works?
I mean, how can I use the dictionary?

We can see
But under the item there is a property contactPoint (lower case first) that is of Expected type “ContactPoint”. What does this mean and how will be this used in code.

Do you know any tutorial that will try to make me understand better how this ( dictionary works?

Hi there,
try following the examples given in this article, it’s a step by step guide, not a video tutorial. Hope it helps.

Looks nice. Thank you!