More Advantages of Php Script?

PHP is a scripting language mainly developed for web development. A scripting language differs from compiled language in this respect that a compiled language like C, VB, etc.PHP has many advantages over other languages which make it most popular and widely used program language used for web development.
1.It is open source general purpose language.

2.PHP can be installed under all popular operating system including Windows, Linux and Mac.

3.PHP can be mixed within HTML code.

4.PHP is very much user friendly language.

5.Writing or editing program only requires a plain text editor.

And more others.If you install a php software such as an iKode Php Newsletter software, you will find that having a knowledge of php is necessary and useful.Maybe you can learn to write some simple php scripts.I need to write an article of php to my teacher.Any other advantage of php scripts? Just welcome!

  1. It can even add 1+1 and get the answer right! :wink:

No, I can’t think of any other advantages. I think you just about summed it up.

If you need to write an article about PHP, I don’t think having just a list of advantages of PHP will be enough?
You’d need to look at disadvantages too, and don’t forget the history of PHP. Just search a bit with google, and start reading (wikipedia for example).

I’m sure that with a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to write a great article.