Monitor your SEO progress

When working on optimising a site for SEO purposes what methods do people use for monitoring their progress?

I am currently working on a site at the moment and I am looking to improve search engine rankings and increase traffic to the site. I currently have Google analytics and Webmaster set up for the site, and I am in the process of reading up on various SEO topics, doing keyword research, competitor analysis etc.

My question is when SEO’s are working on a site, making changes, optimising content etc - what things do you do to monitor progress / tools do you use to track it all? Also importantly what timeframe do you allow for the changes to make an impact?

I realise that once a site has been indexed the time it takes for google to re-index pages after changes have been made varies. I just find that there is a lot of overwhelming information to take in so was hoping for some pointers on these things.


It’s a good thing that you already have Analytics on your site. Back when I still have a blog, I used that to see what kind of traffic goes into my site, and how people actually reach my site. It can also give me an idea of what keywords people are using before they can land on my blog.

You’ve already mentioned the two most useful tools: Google Analytics (GA), and Google Webmaster Tools (GWM).

GA is ideal for finding out who visits your site, where they come from, how they find you, and so on. GWM tells you how your site is ranking, and how that ranking affects the click-through rate. An often-overlooked benefit is that it tells you what keywords were used by people who did not reach your site - the near misses, if you like. The main drawback is that it only reflects traffic coming via Google.

One method of monitoring your progress that you can’t rely on is simply searching for your target keywords in Google. There are around 120 country-specific versions of Google (not to mention all the other search engines), and the results are affected by personal search (“Your World”), geo-targeting, language-targeting, and several other variables.

It would be interesting to hear how other people here monitor their SEO progress.


I do use GA and GWM for the same reasons and in the same ways as already been stated. I do also check my SERP. I understand all the variations that can occur but I only check for the main Google country that is my target and I use the same tool each time. Even if the results aren’t accurate they are at least a comparative guide.

you already used two tools google analytics and google web master tools.SEO used many techniques to enhance web site ranking and all have different time frame to impact on website.

Google analytics and webmaster tools are more than enough to monitor your website…

Also just use alexa tool bar as well :slight_smile:

Regarding SEO metrics to trace.

I usually start with thorough keyword research to find relevant options with big enough number of searches and low/medium competition.

Then month in month out I track rankings for these keywords. You can do it either by hand (which is ok for one website) or with the help of rank tracker.

I also check out monthly unique visitors - with Google Analytics.

At a basic level, rankings for major keywords + unique monthly visitors is quite enough.

For deeper analysis, you can look into more advanced metrics like bounce rate, ctr, conversion rate. Google for “meaningful SEO metrics” - it used to be a hot topic among SEO bloggers a while age.

There are tonnes of useful tools to measure SEO progress i.e. majesticseo, google webmaster SEOmoz etc.
But personally i prefer SEOmoz for measurement

I like using free tools. Analytics and Webmaster tools work fine for me. Clearly you can buy other tools but my view is that there is often limited vale in doing this as a newbie.

Google Analytics and Google WebMasters Tools are worth to Analyze your optimization. Although, analytics is also the best tool to track everything you want - from keyword ranking to social media campaigns. It depends how you use this tool. If you are not familiar with the use of GA, the you should go for SEOMoz Tools which is easy and user-friendly.

I use Traffic Travis and SEscout to track my rankings…

to track my progress I use seo google analyst and seos quake

In monitoring SEO progress, a rank checker is the best. I mainly use Sescout and RankChecker.

Also, it is good if you can see which keywords were used to find your site. Analytics do this but I prefer getclicky because it is easier to understand.

To monitor my website’s progress, I use webmaster tools, and analytics. I regularly check webmaster tools to check that backlinks are increasing or not, from where I am getting backlinks, on which words hyperlinks are created, are there any not found links? and many more.

I also check analytics to check from where i am getting traffic and which page is important from traffic point.

Apart from that, I regularly check my keywords ranks to see progress, check crawling of important web pages etc.

I think google webmaster tools is a best way for site analysis and monitor traffic.

Monitoring ranking is not as reliable as it used to be since Google goes to so much effort to customize search results based on any number of factors. I still monitor it, but don’t give it as much weight as I used to. I’m more inclined to look at traffic first and then drill down to any deficiencies to find exact keywords that might be performing poorly. Google Analytics and Webmasters Tools are my primary tools, although I do look at server logs occasionally as well.

When people doing SEO for their business and websites there are multiple things which can be tracked and on that basis we can decide that the project is going into the right direction or you need to think again about you strategies and planning. There are several reports which we can generate for a SEO campaign performance.

  1. Keyword Ranking: You should have a initial ranking report and then compare it with the current website ranking so you have idea that from where you reached to which position.
  2. Overall Traffic: From the Google analytic check is there any traffic improvement.
  3. Search Engine Traffic: From GA check if traffic improved for your website and also check the keywords that from which keywords you getting visits.
  4. Leads: If you a quick contact form on the website then track leads every month, weekly or daily.

I’m learning new things here about SEO monitoring tools. Is SEOMoz tool free?

All been mentioned already, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools. I also use Screaming Frog SEO Spider its a great tool to check exactly what a spider is indexing. I also use Advanced Web Ranking which is great for monitoring multiple attributes over time across multiple search engines all in one place.

Well, there are many online seo tool available from which you can always easily monitor those seo factors for your website. Though some are paid but they are worth provided you have number of websites to get it optimized. If you want to opt for free tool than go for Google webmaster and Google analytic they can help you better to judge what can be done to increase your visibility in major search engines.