Money Transfer

hay guys,
I have no PayPal account. I will do it. So if I want to transfer money from PayPal to Alartpay. Can i do it without any fee or with fee? And another thing that, can i change PayPal address for next time. There is a problem i have no permanent address. I live in a rent house. Would you please tell me anyone?

No, you can’t transfer from paypal to Alertpay directly. You can transfer from paypal to your bank account, and then from your bank account to Alertpay.

Regarding chaning your address in PayPal, you should have no problem. Just do it :smiley:

there are few services online who provides transferring money to any place but you will need to search on google for it.

Paypal doesnt transfer money from paypal to alertpay.

I think for you one transaction is free for each account. So you can transfer your account. Its better if you contact the customer care. You will be sure of what to do and the procedure related to it.

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