Monetizing white space outside page edges

I see an increasing number of large websites monetizing the white space that lies outside the edges of their page content. (Yahoo News is a good example.) This seems like a good idea, especially since it doesn’t interfere with page content. However, I can’t seem to find any information on them that’s not coming from Edgevertise, the only network I’ve found providing these.


What is this type of ad officially called?

Is there any data on user reactions and interactions with this type of ad?

Do the ads convert well?

Is there much of a drag on content load?

Do they increase overall page load time by very much? (Google uses page load time as part of their ranking algorithm.)

What are some other networks offering this type of ad?

Who’s the best network in this vertical? And why?

Lastly, I use a Mac. Macs don’t play very well with Flash. I notice that sometimes (but not always) when these types of ads load, Flash starts using large amounts of my CPU until I close the page. (I.E., Mac users would probably decrease the amount of time that they spend on my site if they were to encounter this.) Is there a provider of this type of ad that has non-Flash inventory?

Thanks in advance for any feedback or insights you can provide!