Moive Clip/button Adding 40K to SWF

Hi all,

Any ideas why a simple rectangle converted to MC/btn (alpha 0) calling a simple URLRequest fuction would add 40K to the rendered file?

This happens to be the case with my file and I can’t figure out why.
Even bare-bones it’s adding 40k…

Any ideas?

To be more specific here is the function.
Once I add “btnbtn” as the MC name, it adds 40K to the published file.

btnbtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, openURL);

var paramList:Object = this.root.loaderInfo.parameters;
function openURL(evtObj:MouseEvent):void {
	var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(paramList["clickTag"]);
	navigateToURL(request, "_blank");

Sorry about all the reply’s. Kinda working it out as I go. :blush:

So it looks like this line is adding all the weight. Any ideas on how to keep it down?

var paramList:Object = this.root.loaderInfo.parameters;

Can you hardcode that URL into the SWF?

Unfortunately, I’m not able too. The clickTAG code is required by the vendor. :-/
And I need to stay in AS3

You could try putting it in with XML. Your XML file will be less than 40K, but I’m not sure what effect the XML code would have on file size.

Worth a shot though?