Why have I never heard of MODx before?

After playing around with it today, I’m impressed.

I tried to learn Joomla for a second time today and gave up, it’s resctrictive and unusable UI left me Googling for other options.
A long time Wordpress user and fan I was looking for simplicity.

MODx seems to be delivering on every feature I am looking for and does it in the simplest way possible.

It is a nice, simple CMS. I checked it out about 2 years ago but their were known issues hosting it a GoDaddy. So I moved on to Joomla and WP. But I check in every now and then and it seems to be doing really well.

In MODx, you design your own unique website. Then very easily you port that website into the MODx. It is so easy as to be like a walk in the park. For me, that was and still is the attraction. I am using versions earlier than the revolution. Earlier versions are stable although the new revolution version is being encouraged to be taken up.

Viva MODX team:)

Hi Mark! MODx is the internet’s best kept secret. Mind you, on each of the many blog posts on CMSs out there, there will always be a flood of people singing its praises, for good reason. I played with it a bit, but in the end decided to stay with ExpressionEngine, but I agree that is is a superb free alternative.

Another one to watch is SilverStripe—another excellent free offering.

Yes, part of the reason I bypassed MODx was because it was taking so long for Revolution to come out, and ExpressionEngine2 arrived. EE used to have a ‘core’ version that was free, but not now for EE2, which is a bit of a shame. I could send you a copy of the EE1 core, if you like, as it works pretty much like EE2.

Hi Ralph,

I’m new to modx but it looks like the release ‘Revolution’ is hot of the press:

The thing I love most is the flexibility and simple and consistent UI as well as the clear simply types of objects(Resources, Elements and Files).

I wanted to get a license for Expression Engine because so many designers I respect vouch for it - there’s simply not enough free info to justify it though.
I have an idea of the type of templating and functionality it has but all the meaty info is behind closed doors.

I really like that the core functionality of modx is extremely limited - you can’t even build a menu! without the Wayfinder package.
It’s completely extensible, I’m liking it quite a bit. I think I will support the project.

That would be great!

I’m keen to check it out and I will definitely whip up a copy if I can find a good place for it.

Revolution is still fresh, I’ve already found some key missing features and a small bug in one of the packages but I’m already improving the code because it’s so simple to do.