Module for "tickler file"


I need to create an application to work as a “tickler file.” Is there any CMS that provides an off-the-shelve module for such a purpose?

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Hey Mark, What’s a tickler file?

Hi Andrew,

It’s a collection of folders, each labelled with day, month or year. It allows me to organize my to-do items by inserting them in specific folders. You may also see images - type in “ticker file” at .

Hey Mark,
I’ve been looking to make something like that for quite some time but always get sidetracked with paying work :rolleyes:

Going down the Drupal path, I would create a content type called “File” and give it the ability for taking unlimited uploaded files and images. So each file would have a title, description and a bunch of uploaded documents.

Then I would use Taxonomy to tag each “File” with user defined keywords so that you could create various views of your files based on the keywords that you applied to the files. The basic view would be ordered alphabetically but you could search or get lists based on the tags you’ve used.

What do you think?


Hmm, this may be a good idea. I’m not good with Drupal, but I’ll try to map it onto DotNetNuke. Thanks for the hint.

No problem… I haven’t done anything with DNN for years but as long as you can create a content type with the ability to take unlimited uploads and then free tag it, you should be good to go.

In Drupal there is a module called “views” that you can use to create pages or view-blocks (that can be placed in pages). You could create a view called file-cabinet and then set it up for various types of filtering to gain access to the files you’re looking for. As I mentioned it’s been years since I’ve done anything with DNN but if you have that type of component available it should be a breeze.

Good luck and have good weekend!