Modifying to Only Show Certain Members

I’m trying to modify an existing WordPress theme to suit my needs.

The initial page only had one section, and I wanted multiple sections so I could divide the members of the team into categories. However, I don’t know how to get it so only specific team members are pulled into each category instead of listing them all under each category.

I tried assigning each of them an order number so I could use that to pull them into their respective categories, but I don’t know what script to use to actually execute that.

Is the theme using a Portfolio to put that page together? Check the documentation that came with the theme or look it up online. Depending on the theme and your comfort with using Wordpress the answer could be different. If it is using a Portfolio to organise the content to display it is just a matter of tagging the content correctly and then telling the page what people (in this case) you want it to show. For example you might have John who is a Jr, Mark who is a Jr but does Brows, Angelica who is a Sr and does Brows, and Jess who is a Sr. On your page you can then distinguish in the portfolio between Sr or Jr craftsmen, and those who do or don’t do Brows, even though they’re all mixed in together. Some themes will already have this structure, others you can do the same thing just a slightly different way.

Also you might want to go into your permalinks and change it from the default (which shows the ?page_id=14), to something like Post Name. This is found under Settings>Permalinks. It makes for more user friendly URI’s in a small website and also better for SEO.