Modifying CSS in Wordpress theme

In my opinion that does look better.

Insight says:

 Avoid major design changes 10 elements found

These DOM elements contribute the most to the CLS of the page.

Is CSS involved?

By using Lighthouse in Google Chrome, I was able to obtain these much-reduced time-line screenshots of the initial loading which show layout shifts:


(Text appears offset to the right because the screenshots do not show the whole width of a mobile browser screen)

Evidently the blog’s red main heading text reflows from three lines to four lines when the Orkney font becomes available: presumably due to the width of characters compared to the width of default serif font characters.

It is not clear to me why the FOTOV60 text takes up more height on the second screenshot.

It seems there is some issue with the loading of the fonts. (I have opened another thread to inquire about the font loading issue, as it seems to only load the first font and only for the desktop version). Notice that each one has a different appearance. Additionally, Insights indicates up to 10 elements causing major design changes.