Modify drop box from the database

how can i change this which insert into the database to display and modify i then resave back into the database

if(!empty($_POST['select1']) && $_POST['select1'] != 'default')
$value = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['select1']);
elseif(!empty($_POST['select2']) && $_POST['select2'] != 'default')
$value = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['select2']);
elseif(!empty($_POST['select3']) && $_POST['select3'] != 'default')
$value = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['select3']);

    if ($_POST['name']=='')
        $arrErrors['name'] = 'Please provide your name.';
    if ($_POST['email']=='')
        $arrErrors['email'] = 'A valid email address is required.';
    if ($_POST['phone']=='')
        $arrErrors['phone'] = 'Please provide your phone number.';
		if ($_POST['campustype']=='')
        $arrErrors['campustype'] = 'Please select category.';
          if ($_POST['select1'] === 'default' && $_POST['select2'] === 'default' && $_POST['select3'] === 'default'){
                $arrErrors[howt] = 'Please select type';
                $possible = array('Concerts', 'Clubs', 'Festival', 'Opera');
                if (in_array($_POST['select1'], $possible) === false){
                $possible = array('Formula 1', 'Footbal', 'Basketball', 'Rugby', 'Cricket');
                if (in_array($_POST['select2'], $possible) === false){
                $possible = array('Comedy', 'Drama', 'Museus');
                if (in_array($_POST['select3'], $possible) === false){
    if (count($arrErrors) == 0)

$query="INSERT INTO photos values ('','$image','$name','$email','$phone','$campustype','$value')"; //into database
			mysql_query( $query );

If you want the form, and this part (that saves the data) in one page, then you’ll have to put this part inside an if-statement that check if the form has been submitted.
In the else part (the form hasn’t been submitted, so it’s the first time the script is executed, so you’ll have to get the data from the database) you put the SELECT query.
In the form, you’ll have to set the value of the form fields to those that you’ve retrieved from the database.
Of course, to be able to extract the correct data from the database, you’ll have to pass the key values you want to search on to the script (in the query string for example, you can then access these values through $_GET).