Modern image gallery

is it just me or is there a real lack of good quality image gallery options these days?

my dream requirements:

  • html/css/jquery (lets not even mention database backend)
  • fully responsive looks good on all devices
  • desktop (mouse/keyboard) and mobile (touch and swipe) optimized
  • slideshow with left/right navigation, play/pause and thumbnail navigations
  • full screen option
  • adapts to different image dimensions (height and width)
  • jquery/css3 transition effects
  • option of adding captions to slides

or maybe all the big boys are waiting for the new web image standards to come into play?

I use slick slider. My work uses it*

Check it out. I like it. AFAIK it has everything you listed. Except maybe different image dimensions. I think it does that though.

Full screen option, no it does not do that.

thats a very nice slider script which doesn’t really need a fullscreen option as it is meant for use on part of a page.
i am looking for something more along the lines of a fully fledged online gallery like flickr or picasa that can be embedded to create a single page showing just images and captions, i guess the full screen option is important for me.

I mean you could probably modify the script to give that option. If you head over to the Javascript forum with my link I gave, they should be able to give ideas on how to add to it. I don’t imagine it would be that difficult.

There are more heavy duty tools out there for this sort of thing, such as slideshow pro.

heavy duty, yes, but not responsive, as far as i can see from the examples they give?

Hm, yes. I heard some years ago that they were moving from Flash to HTML5 and all that, but maybe they haven’t.

Anyhow, maybe this is a better, more modern option: (I bookmarked it a while back.)

Looks pretty good—modern, responsive and all that—and it’s free.


koken looks great, thanks for the tip