"Modern" but Overboard UI/UX Attempts

I literally went to this site to look at their food menu and learn about the restaurant, as a potential customer, and realized it was an example of what I would considerable a terrible UX (Because I’m a developer and instead of just being annoyed at website problems, I want to discuss and dissect them), and posted it for opinions.

Also, I don’t read gossip magazines either, nor do I think they’re in any way “fun” - but each to their own opinion :wink:


It’s funny that they call their moder navigations system “old school”. :stuck_out_tongue:

The first thing that put me off about the site is the word Sass at the top. I’m not into preprocessors. :laughing:

Even with a mouse the navigation is difficult, so I dread to think what it’s like on a touch screen.

Being fancy on the web is not a clever idea, IMHO. I doubt hungry people want to be put through hoops—or rings?—to get the info they need to be fed.


That probably means that the site was first built by a real web dev, then got tied up in a dungeon and smeared with rouge and lipstick by a “web designer”.

That means that there is a chance it can be rescued in the future, and live a normal life after having all that crap hosed off.

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Let it be known that they changed their design. Thoughts? Do you think they came to their senses?

I only took a few moments to look, but yeah, this definitely looks better. About a million times. Could still nitpick preferences maybe, but definitely lots better.

Also an absurd number of clicks in the original post link lol, for it to be a random restaurant site :smiley:

Too bad I didn’t get an affiliate arrangement figured out… oh well, we win some, we lose some.

So what I’m looking at now is not what you were looking at back in February?
All the time I was reading the comments and thinking: It’s not that hard to navigate, but maybe I’m just casually browsing, as opposed to using.

Here’s what it looked like back when we were first looking at it. Make sure you mouse over on the edges for the full “prettyness” and uber-usability failures.



Totally see what you mean now. :smile:

Awh - you can’t scroll horizontally / up and down anymore. It was a maze trying to find stuff :wink: .

Sure you can. You just have to click in the viewport to do so (might be an artifact of being in the wayback machine…

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