Moderator approval for posting?

I’m a new member and was looking through the rules/FAQs for moderator approval for posting.
I have about four posts in different sections awaiting moderator approval.
Ironically I started a thread in the Python section, but my reply to a question on that same thread is now awaiting moderator approval.
Have I been flagged for some reason?
I haven’t found anything in the rules/faq so far, about awaiting moderator approval for posts.

Some forums put all posts in moderation (for example the Review request forum). In all forums there are automated checks that may put a post in moderation for several reasons. For some reason it seems all your posts get moderated. I’ve brought it to the attention of the staff, let’s see if we can find the reason.

Thanks for your help and quick reply!

As well as what Guido says, it does seem that posts containing long code samples tend to get flagged by the automod quite frequently, as well as other things that we can’t obviously see reasons for … obviously as this is a web design forum where a lot of people are asking about long code samples, this is a problem! But don’t worry, the techies have it on their “to do” list to look into it and try to get the automod to refine its flagging system. In the meantime, please just be patient, and we’ve got a team of moderators here who check out all posts in the mod queue as quickly as we can and approve all the ones that look legit.

Thanks, no problem, just thought I did something wrong
(not unusual for me, as I’m always doing something wrong).

Now that I think about it, I did post in the Server Configuration, Apache & URL Rewriting section.
I posted my gopher site as a gopher example, so maybe that was considered self-promotion?
I was only providing the link(s) as a gopher example, which went along with the post.
see below…

Other than than that, I can’t think of a reason to moderate any of my posts.

Thanks for the reply!

A link on its own (unless it’s a link to a dodgy site), in an otherwise suitable post, shouldn’t be enough to trip the automod. I’m not going to go into too much detail about what does and doesn’t, but our policy has always been that if you need to give a link to your site (or to any other site) to make it easier to get your point across then it’s perfectly OK to put that link in.