Modal dialog box dont open when asp is added to the code

i have a dialog box that open just great but when i had a little bit of ASP code it just won’t work
the code im using is this

<div id="dialog1" title="Visualizador de Ficheiros">
                folderspecimg = server.mappath("/images/")
                dim objTV,folderspecimg,folderspec
                Set objTV = New TreeView
                folderspec = server.mappath("/ficheiros/")
                folderspec = Replace (folderspec,"/box" ,"")
                Call objTV.DisplayFolderContents(Server.MapPath("/"))
                Set objTV = Nothing

                response.write "<br>"& folderspec &"<BR>"

Any idea why is this?

What do you mean “it won’t work”? Do you have a live website?

no but onclick a windows would open and it open but when i had asp code to the div it stop opening

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