Modal box & Jquery slider compatability issue

Hi guys,

I’ve got a Site which used the modal box and a jcarousel slider, but they did not work properly together. The modal box when started would load a blank panel. isntead of displaying the form intended. If i then went to a different page oin the site and loaded the modal box it would occasionaly load the form as intended. After alot of trial and error I discovered the conflict was between the two plugins.

My question is, How do I get them both to work together? or could someone recommend a content slider and modal box which work together as intended?

On a side note, I need the slider to change on a timer. I have tried a few which do not have a timing property.

The plugins I used are:


Any help would be great…

thank you

I think the problem is that you are using two Javascript frameworks.

You’re using jQuery for jCarousel and Mootools for modalbox

Both frameworks have their pros and cons so I would pick one (I suggest jQuery) and then find a modal type plugin that uses jQuery instead, like this one.